If you noticed any mold signs on your drywall, our experts are here to help. Click here to get some of the useful tips they had to share.

Our page with drywall tips will help you to enjoy a safe and comfortable home. Scroll down and check them out! Easy to read and to apply!

Use special acoustic insulation for soundproofing your home cinema

It is important to note that this type of insulation is designed to keep the sound inside the room rather than to prevent noise coming from the outside. Simply put, it will improve your movie watching experience. If you worry about outside noises disturbing you, you should consider adding extra layers of drywall.

With semi-gloss paint finishing you can give better protection to walls

This is the toughest of all traditional types of paint finishes. It has great strength and durability. Its biggest benefit is that it is resistant to water damage. It can prevent water from getting to the drywall and causing great trouble. You can maintain it in good condition with practically any type of suitable cleaner.

Hanging drywall

Our experts advise hammering four nails into the four adjacent studs about 50 inches from the ceiling. The drywall upper sheets must be hanged first before hanging the lower sheets. Use a sharp rotary drill to create shaped holes for fastening. Remember not to line up the seams of each sheet when hanging bottom sections.

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